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A Project was founded and produced by Gotthard Ortner in 1994. The Producer Gotthard Ortner was born on the 22.03.1973 in Munich. He grow’s up with a endless touch of music and electronic arts. Music, Synthesizers and the 808 are a great part of Supremeja’s life. In 1985 Supremeja began to play on the turntables like Luke Skywalker’s Ghetto-Style-DJ’s in small clubs near munich.
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In 1988 Supremeja produces his own music with a Korg Drummachine, two Turntables and a Yamaha DX-7.In 1991 Supremeja opened his first tonestudio to produce Electronic Bass Music in Germany. In 1994 Supremeja started a new Level of Bass Music. He is one of the first producers who mixes the styles of Miami Bass and European Dance Music (Trance/Techno) to a new Bass-Sound. A new style is born and Bass comes back to the Dancefloor around the world. Gotthard Ortner produced many records under names like Drop Man (Techno Bass), Hydrotoxic (Bass Music), Planet 808 (Freestyle), DCT97 (Miami Bass), Control (Techno/Trance) and the successful Project Supremeja.

2006 is the great comeback of Supremeja on the international dancefloor’s. Since then Supremeja produced Bass for Florida’s Bass Labels and also performed live shows around the world.
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Tone 2 - Electra2

Many people say that Electra2 is the most powerful synthesizer on the market. These are bold words, but let us explain why they think it’s true...

Electra2 breathes new life into the term “synthesizer workstation”. With its powerful and sonically versatile approach to audio production, it provides you with truly outstanding new sounds. Electra2 is ready for any type of music you play! In addition to its huge sound library, Electra2 is equipped with many user-friendly control options, in case you want to tweak sounds or craft your very own. Each of its 4 layers consists of a powerful multitimbral synthesizer with no fewer than 14 different synthesis methods.

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Electro (short for either electro-funk or electro-boogie) is a genre of electric dance music directly influenced by the use of TR-808 drum machines,and funk sampling. Records in the genre typically feature drum machines and heavy electronic sounds, usually without vocals, although if vocals are present they are delivered in a deadpan manner, often through electronic distortion such as vocoding.

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Supremeja Music

A league of producers, artists and sound designers. We keep electro alive.
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