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Review: vaimler - Zephyr

Gotthard Ortner’s label returns with a brand new artist in its roster. Hailing from cold Canada, enigmatic Vaimler introduces with “Zephyr”, his debut EP and I reckon his music is on the opposite of the climate of Vancouver where the man lives.

Displaying warm modulations over pounding beats, the title track serves up, after a short vocodered overture, a frantic tune calibered for the dancefloor. Ace!

The cut comes with three remixes from heavyweight Electro producers. Infamous The Hidden Persuader (Bass4bots, Access Tonal Communications) turns the tune into a fearsome cyborgy made of Sci-Fi tones, sonic frequencies and acidic loops in the background.

Supreme.ja (Subsonic Device, Cool F/X Records) keeps the pressure alive, delivering another milestone of a remix characterized by a solid Electro framework, percussive drums and some catchy trancey melodies.

Moving away from the main theme, ADJ (Pyramid Transmissions, Digital Distortions) revisits the original in a completely different way, slowing down the rhythm to offer a more moody approach. Drone and glitch sounds progressively take control of your mind while emotive synth strings complete with 303 sequences demonstrate a knowledge of how to break floorboards.

Ranging from oldschoolish to new school style, Supremeja Music’s seventh output will fulfill every Electro freak. A fantastic journey through tough and rough frequencies graced with touches of tenderness.

Review by Chris Nexus 6

New Release: vaimler - Zephyr

vaimler - Zephyr

vaimler - Zephyr

vaimler - Zephyr

Sense of Direction

Sense of Direction
Converting Vegetarians II
Infected Mushroom

Infected Mushroom - Converting Vegetarians 2 *OUT NOW*

Minjares - Came To Get Down with Hydrotoxic Remix

Minjares - Came To Get Down with Hydrotoxic Remix

New Release: Minjares with Remix by Hydrotoxic (Supremeja)

New Release: Drop Man - Electro Bass EP

Drop Man - Electro Bass EP

Welcome back 1996.

This is the first Supremeja release under the name “Drop Man” from 1996. Remastered re-Release.

01. Drop Zone 6:06
02. Basstronic 3:04
03. And The Beat Goes 2:58
04. Techno Bass II 3:20

Available on Supremeja Music Shop and BandCamp. 

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New Release: Sady K - Wo Bist Du

We would love to present you a new Electro Release. 

Sady K - Wo Bist Du

Freestyle Music from germanys King of Freestyle “Sady K” with awesome Remixes by:

•Evil Hectorr
•The Machine Fighter

Official Releasedate 20. Dec 2014
Available on Supremeja Music Shop BandCamp and wherever you buy digital music !!!

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Kind Regards
Supremeja Music

© 2014 Supremeja Music - [SM005] „Sady K - Wo Bist Du“​ 

New Release: Supremeja - DM13 EP

Hello Electroheads and FemBots

We would love to present you a new Electro Release. 

Supremeja - DM13 EP

Say hello to DM13. DM13 is the new Version of DigiMachine with excellent Remixes by:

•James Wolfe
•DJ Kontaegis

Official Releasedate 01. Dec 2014
Available on Supremeja Music Shop BandCamp and wherever you buy digital music !!!

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Kind Regards
Supremeja Music

© 2014 Supremeja Music - [SM004] „Supremeja - DM13 EP“ 

DM13 Album review by Nexus Six

Following the “Electribe EP” featuring remixes from the like of DJ Natural Nate, Systemattic, and SJA, Gotthard Ortner returns with the third installment of his own Supremeja Music imprint. 

Accustomed to EP’s on labels such like Subsonic Device, Devine Disorder Records, or Cool F/X Records just to name but a few, the German artist introduces with "DM13" his debut album. Heavy collection of 14 epic tracks ranging from electrobass to electro funk genres, this rich opus opens with a spacey “Intro” enhanced by French lyrics that augur an advanced release.

Taken from the eponymous EP released early this year, "Basstronic", instantly following,  merges vintage synth flights over infectious lyrics plus oldschoolish beats. The title track “DM13 V1”, coming next, combines funky 808 drums to cosmic digressions surrounded by Kraftwerkian voices scanning “Digital Machines” while futuristic “Electribe” offers darker tones based upon industrial staccatos and spacey layers. 

From the Man Machine vision of “DualSystems” to the melodic synth atmosphere of “Bassnopédie No.8” passing through the unhealthy vibes of “Grain Machines” and syncopated pressure of “Target Destroyed”, things take a much anticipating turn showcasing the incredible versatility and musical background of Gottard, inspired not only by the Miami Bass Electro and West Coast Electro funk styles but also Eric Satie. Syncopated “Électroniques” with its French lyrics delivers a pure tribute to Kraftwerk.

On “DM13 V2”, Gottard goes darker serving up a pulsating bass line mixed with 80’s electro touches to mute the jam into a funky mayhem. Retro “808 Bass”, my favorite, sounds like an Autobot-1000 release with its frantic electro bass rhythm over hypnotic arpeggios. Ace! 

If intricate “Monomachine” signs a synthetic and melodic affair, “Sirius Calling” carries on in a unexpected way the album with a superb downtempo song made of emotive sequences of piano, German spoken vocoder reminding of Blastromen and vintage synth flights.

As a conclusion, final track “Darkness Master” brings us back to gloomy landscapes with its unhealthy and intricate tonalities

From A to Z, this album sounds like a winner and pays homage in a faithful way to Supreme Ja eclectic tastes and musical background. Essential if you want to discover more about this artist and his versatility!

Written by Chris Nexus Six

Review by Supremeja - DM13 Album

October 2014 Record Review | Supreme.ja - DM13

Old school Electro Bass master Supreme.Ja returns, this time with “DM13 - The Album”, 14 songs full of punchy 808s, roaring basslines, devious vocoders, deranged synthetik calculations, and mystifying synth lines that uplift the mind and spirit. 

Kicking things off is the always welcomed “Intro”, alluring you with mysterious female vocals, and eerie synths and pads that create a space so real you will feel as if you are in the middle of a fantasy story. Next up is the menacing “Bassotronic”, which features classic Supreme.Ja vocos, while gritty bass tones add some attitude and funk to the mix. “DM 13 V1” comes from behind with beats a la Numbers, met by brooding synths and sinister robotic voices that permeate through your senses with a touch of mischievousness.

“Electribe” is the next gem we find in this album, getting heavy into the action with mechanical beats and suspenseful synths, leading us to the fascinating “Dual Systems”. This magical production has it all: clever sequencing, emotive melodic compositions, and a twisted sense of detail that will leave you spellbound. Tune!!! Next we come to “Grain Machine”, a glitched-out jam with sinister overtones that follow a similar path as the previous as it creates a slightly menacing environment that really pushes the envelope. A+!

If you haven’t had enough yet, we may be getting into the nitty-gritty here as we find a fabulous collaboration with DJ Somatic (Synthetic Bass Squadron-GDDR Records) as they take us on a nerve-wrecking psychotic adventure into the analog and digital underworld of the machines. Fast paced lazer beats drive the engines, as relentless syncopations and detuned vocals punish the rhythms with fierce determination. Next up, the album slows things down with “Bassnopedie No8”, and show Supreme.Ja is a master of the synths for many reasons, here showing his melodic side with the kind of class and vision you’d find in artists like Beethoven, or more contemporary ones like Tangerine Dream or even Enya. 

The album continues a descent into sumptuous melodic arrangements, classy beats, and cybernetic female vocals with “Electroniques”, returning to the gloom and doom with “DM 13 V2”; which re-introduces the robotic Kraftwerk beats, along with twisted programming, and funky grooves in the signature sound of Supreme.Ja. Next up we find “808 Bass”, another collaboration with DJ Somatic. The two seem to really enjoy the faster tempos, and here we get into overdrive with powerful reverberated 808s, and gleaming sequencing met by enigmatic vocoding that really get into your space to make you groove and move your feet!

As we approach the end of the album, we reach the 3rd to last song “MonoMachine”, full of cowbells, lazer one-shots, and mesmerizing sweeps and programming. “Sirius Is Calling” comes up next in ode to the previous melancholic masterpiece “Bassnopedie No8”, with downtempo beats, eerie vocals, and beautiful mind-melting synths that go right through your very soul, leading us to the grand finale which is “Darkness”. This astounding piece brings all the elements together with such precision, as powerful melodies decorate the stage while being flooded with spaced out elements giving this short but elegant production a touch of class and detail.

A really wonderful album in every aspect, and it can’t be said enough how great it is to see one of the purveyors of the 90s Electro sounds back in full force. Though the artist had seen his share of releases during the previous decade, it really seems that his latest hiatus, and the lessons learned have evolved the artist to a whole new level that will surely prove to be monumental as we continue to receive more releases over the next few months and hopefully years to come. This album is out now, and will satisfy you from beginning to end with its careful selection of grooves and melancholic masterpieces. Available direct from the artist’s website, or wherever you buy music!

Written by: Santino Fernandez


Out now on Juno Download: DM13 Album

Review by Preservingthepitch: Supremeja DM13 Album

New Release: Supremeja - DM13 Album

Supremeja - DM13 Album

After two years production time, my new Album is now available. It’s not a normal Electro Album, it’s a genre mix between Electro, Bass and Electronica/Ambient. 

Available on Supremeja Music Shop and wherever you buy digital music. 

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Supremeja - Electribe EP - Out now

Supremeja - Electribe

01. Electribe (Original Version) 05:22

02. Electribe (DJ Natural Nate RMX) 06:11

03. Electribe (Systemattic’s 808 Hybrid RMX) 05:07

04. Electribe (SJA Bonus Beats) 01:39

Buy it

© 2014 Supremeja Music - [SM002] Supremeja - Electribe


New Supremeja Remix for Blue Blocker Rockers

Blue Blocker Rockers - Therapy (Surpemeja RMX)

Basstronic is still @ #1 on Juno Electro Sales Charts


Nexus 6 Review: Supremeja - Basstronic

Supreme.ja - Basstronic - Supremeja Music [SM001]

With “Basstronic”, Gotthard “Bubi” Ortner (Subsonic Device, Devine Disorder Records, Cool F/X Records) puts a end to a musical silence of three years. Back to production in full effects, he returns today on his own label with a new single, completed with seven remixes from a plethora of renowned artists worldwide. The result is a heavy collection of height premium cuts with notable appearances from all around the planet to inaugurate Supremeja Music very first release!

In overture of the digital pack, the title track serves up an adrenaline rush of Electro Bass tones with old schoolish flavors. To give you an idea, infectious vibes, subsonic bass, robotic lyrics and floating melodies will propel you in an disintegrated world inhabited by renegades fighting to survive against T2 machines.

Rising talents Artificial Humans (Of The Mind Recordings, Zero One Music) reuse the main theme but add some synthetic twist to their rework, turning the track into a severe Techno Bass affair.

Darxid’s Breaksblast mix, coming next, picks up the pace of the original but moves it forward into sexy landscapes reminding of some of the tracks he dropped on his own Subsonic Device imprint. Pulsating bass line plus funky 80’s electro touches combine to mute the jam into a successful retro piece full of hypnotic arpeggios. For Electro connoisseurs only!

Though escaping from the musical carcan of the original, DJ Natural Nate’s remix, instantly following, draws some components and structure from Supremeja’s track to create a powerful cut ba(s)sed upon an over-compressed kick! Ace.

Up on remix duty, Dynamik Bass System (Robotmachine, Dominance Electricity) signs here one of the best reworks, built upon high frequencies, hard beats, sharp drums and untouchable vocoder. Warm melodies from vintage synth strings gravitate around sub-sonic 808 rhythms, injecting a serious dose of testosterone on DBS version to cause severe damages on the dancefloor.

After a genius intro, F8 hailing from Florida (Frajile Recordings USA) delivers with uncompromizing “Machine Kontrol RMX”, a rich mixture of synths flights and energized drums, showing his skills to manipulate melodic effects with this mind bender remix!

Faithful to the robotic aesthetic of the original while moving forward in a new direction, his compatriot Solartron (Genuine DJ Debbie D Records, Subcircuit Records) unleashes the Bass to revisit the song in a heavy electro style fueled with pounding beats, distorted lyrics, massive 808 programming alongside 4/4 elements.

The final installment from Mike Devious (I.D.) serves up a broken down alternative version where industrial layers sorrows swirled in staggered drums and bulging bass, serving up another milestone of a remix.

Each contributor on board this huge project has treated the main theme with a personal approach and catchy enough details to ensure you circles on the dance floor! Ranging from Miami Bass to Electrofunk and beyond, “Basstronic” serves up a great offering of perfectly balanced hits sure to please a wide audience. Must have!

Electro Empire


Supremeja - Basstronic - Out Now

Supremeja - Basstronic
Its available on Juno and wherever you buy digital music. 
Peace and Bass
Supremeja Music

Supremeja - Basstronic is coming soon

Hello Electroheads and FemBots

A new german Electro Production with many excellent Remixes:

Supremeja - Basstronic

-Artificial Humans
-Dynamik Bass System
-Mike Devious
-Natural Nate

Cooming soon…
wherever you buy digital music !!!

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