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Supremeja Music is a EDM Dance Label based on the Supremeja Music Electro Network. This is a free Community for Producers, Artists, DJ's and Sound Designer. DJ Sonic from Cologne/Germany was the massive impulse to upgrade the Community into a Electro Label. In 2014 we started Supremeja Music with tons of awesome ideas and productions.

Please feel free and follow us on our Blog or Social Networks. Keep Electro alive.
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Systemattic (DJ, Producer, Event Promoter)

One of the most talented Producers i know.
He is the Frontman for the US Division

- A&R Management
- Remixes / Productions
- Event Management

DJ Systemattic on Soundcloud

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Supremeja (Producer, Sound Designer)

He is the Founder of Supremeja Music, a Sound Design Maniac and the Master for digital Releases and Distribution.

- A&R Management
- Remixes and Productions
- Sound Design

Supremeja on Soundcloud

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Tone 2 - Electra2

Many people say that Electra2 is the most powerful synthesizer on the market. These are bold words, but let us explain why they think it’s true...

Electra2 breathes new life into the term “synthesizer workstation”. With its powerful and sonically versatile approach to audio production, it provides you with truly outstanding new sounds. Electra2 is ready for any type of music you play! In addition to its huge sound library, Electra2 is equipped with many user-friendly control options, in case you want to tweak sounds or craft your very own. Each of its 4 layers consists of a powerful multitimbral synthesizer with no fewer than 14 different synthesis methods.

Short Wiki

Electro (short for either electro-funk or electro-boogie) is a genre of electric dance music directly influenced by the use of TR-808 drum machines,and funk sampling. Records in the genre typically feature drum machines and heavy electronic sounds, usually without vocals, although if vocals are present they are delivered in a deadpan manner, often through electronic distortion such as vocoding.

About Us

Supremeja Music

A league of producers, artists and sound designers. We keep electro alive.
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